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Used Trencher For Sale:


Check Below to see All Used Trencher models we have available :

2008 TESMEC TRS-975 Trencher priced at: $Callu.s.d.

Description:This machine has just arrived and has been serviced. The machines runs great and the full cab is very clean, this unit has heat and air. This trencher has crummers and berm scrapers

1996 VERMEER V3550 Trencher priced at: $11500u.s.d.

Description:This 3550 was bought in 1998 and has been used very little, the service work has always been performed by Vermeer. This machine is said to be in work ready condition. Very clean, and straight body. The Do-Little 16' trailer comes with the machine and will not be for sale separately. I have included a picture of the hour meter off of the machine and the SN:plate more pictures are available upon request.

2004 TESMEC TRS1100 Trencher priced at: $185,000u.s.d.

Description:This Rock Trencher is currently rented but is available for sale. Completely new chain and ready for the toughest trenching conditions.

2000 VERMEER T955 Trencher priced at: $269000u.s.d.


1997 VERMEER V8550A Trencher priced at: $18500u.s.d.


0000 VERMEER LM42 Trencher priced at: $10500u.s.d.


0000 VERMEER LM42 Trencher priced at: $10500u.s.d.


0000 VERMEER LM42 Trencher priced at: $14500u.s.d.


1996 VERMEER V8550 Trencher priced at: $17500u.s.d.


2012 UNLISTED skid steer trencher Trencher priced at: $4,795.00u.s.d.

Description:Hydraulic side shift comes standard, high speed chain, low and high flow models available, 3-4' lengths and 6-12" widths available, rock and or dirt teeth available built to spec.

2000 DITCH-WITCH H1812 Trencher priced at: $27,500.00u.s.d.

Description:Trencher attachment is in good condition

1987 VERMEER T650TA Trencher priced at: $49,500.00u.s.d.

Description:1987 Vermeer T650TA trencher. Good condition. 12" rock chain in good shape. Ready to work.

2000 DITCH-WITCH 3610 Trencher priced at: $8800.00u.s.d.

Description:Ditch Witch 3610 Diesel trencher with boring unit.

2004 TRENCOR 2300 Trencher priced at: $340,000.00u.s.d.

Description:Good running machine, more pics upon request

2009 TRENCOR 1360C Trencher priced at: $799,000.00u.s.d.

Description:Cat 440hp engine, Dual 250 Gallon fuel tanks, Fully enclosed comfort cabin, D7 size crawler components with 24" double grouser pads, 30" wide hydraulic conveyor up to 800fpm, D8 double chain boom 30"x12', 120lb lube kit

1992 VERMEER T850 Trencher priced at: $62,500u.s.d.

Description:this trencher has over 4000 hrs on it. has a 7 foot digging boom on it, and comes with a 12 foot boom also. It is set up to dig 2 foot wide. Everything works on it,but the air conditioning. 92 vermeer t-850

2000 VERMEER T755 Commander Trencher priced at: $125,000u.s.d.

Description:2000 Vermeer T755 Commander 250HP Trencher with 24" cut. 5,509 hours

2004 VERMEER T1055 Trencher priced at: $265,500u.s.d.

Description:14 ft 955 Boom 30" Wide

1994 TRENCOR JetCo-860 Trencher priced at: $Callu.s.d.

Description: Chain cut trencher for repairment Lack of engine Lack of cutting chain

2007 TRENCOR T1660 Trencher priced at: $985,000u.s.d.

Description:R2S-S automatic single slope laser system w/6-11 tripod Heavy duty lift assist cylinder for side (one on each side) Heavy duty lift assist cylinder for top (one on top of boom in addition to standard) 120lb Manual lube kit for Caterpillar Engine Digging Hours: 1500 Machine Hours: 2500 Additional Information: Engine Cat C-27 ESC Gold Coverage 60 Months 10,000 Hours
Trencher Plow Combos :

1996 VERMEER Flextrack-75 Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $16,000u.s.d.

Description:1996 vermeer Flextrack 75 is in great shape and ready for you job. We also have a 1997 Vermeer Flextrack with 139 hours for sale at $19,500.

1994 VERMEER LM42 Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $8500u.s.d.

Description:We have a good running, working machine, it will need a plow blade and that is all. Contact sales for more information.

1995 VERMEER LM42 Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $8500u.s.d.

Description:Machine is a good running working unit, it does not have plow blade but Vermeer has them in stock currently.

2000 DITCH-WITCH 410SXD Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $9500u.s.d.

Description:We currently have three of these available and have them priced to move, these are work ready and just came off a job. We do not have blades for these but can get them for additional cost.

2000 DITCH-WITCH 410SXD Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $9500u.s.d.

Description:We have three of these units for sale currently, they are out of our fleet. There is nothing wrong except they need plow blades.

2003 DITCH-WITCH RT115 Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $54,000.00u.s.d.

Description:Good running & working machine. Rubber tire, low hour unit ready to work.

2000 DITCH-WITCH 410sx Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $12,500.00u.s.d.

Description:This 2000 Ditch Witch 410sx is in good shape and ready to work. It comes with plow blade. Has been completely serviced and is fully operational.

1997 CASE 560 Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $13,500.00u.s.d.

Description:This CASE trencher/backhoe/cable plow combo has been kept indoors. All attachments look to be unused and it has a Kubota diesel. Works well, runs great, and is in perfect condition.

1998 VERMEER V8550 Trencher-Plow-Combo priced at: $17500u.s.d.

Description:Trencher, plow combo with backhoe attachment.
Rock Saw :

2002 DITCH-WITCH 3700 Rock-Saw priced at: $24,500.00u.s.d.

Description:This machine is a true low hour machine and has been taken care of. Service records available upon sale. Contact Dallas in sales for more info.

1986 DITCH-WITCH R100 Rock-Saw priced at: $15,500.00u.s.d.

Description:This is in great working condition and is currently on the job working now.

1996 TESMEC TRS1100 Rock-Saw priced at: $125,000u.s.d.

Description:good condition
Cable Plow :

2008 VERMEER RT1250 Cable-Plow priced at: $69,750.00u.s.d.

Description:This machine will be sold off of the job and cleaned up. It is a very low hour machine and service history is available with the sale. Machine is in great condition and works five days a week so hours will be accumulating. Contact Dallas in sales for more information.

1997 DITCH-WITCH HT150 Cable-Plow priced at: $97,500.00u.s.d.

Description:This machine is in great condition and the hours seem to be actual by the condition of the machine and undercarriage. The machine is strong running and plows as it should.

1995 DELTA DT150 Cable-Plow priced at: $82,500.00u.s.d.

Description:This machine has been serviced, painted, decals installed and is ready for work. Several hoses have been replaced and the undercarriage is in great condition. Contact sales for more information.

1989 JOHN-DEERE 550G Cable-Plow priced at: $41,500.00u.s.d.

Description:This John Deere machine has a blade on front and Bron plow in the rear, its in good condition, the machine has been painted and new seat and decals installed. Call sales for more information.

1988 DITCH-WITCH VP110 Cable-Plow priced at: $P.O.R.u.s.d.

Description:Was working great when taken off machine to put on a rocksaw.

1989 DITCH-WITCH R100P Cable-Plow priced at: $16,500.00u.s.d.

Description:This unit is currently for sale but working on a job, machine runs well and will work until sold. Contact sales for more details.

1995 CASE 860 Turbo Cable-Plow priced at: $16,000.00u.s.d.

Description:This plow is currently working on a job but is available for sale. Contact sales for more details.

1988 INTERNATIONAL TD15 Cable-Plow priced at: $25,000.00u.s.d.

Description:The machine runs and operates, comes with blade, reel carrier, plow attachment that is mounted to machine.

2001 VERMEER LM42 Cable-Plow priced at: $8500u.s.d.

Description:Good running unit. No Trencher attachment but does have spool reel holder.

2000 DITCH-WITCH 410SX Cable-Plow priced at: $9,500u.s.d.

Description:Completely Serviced and Fully Operational

1997 DITCH-WITCH 410SX Cable-Plow priced at: $8,000.00u.s.d.

Description:Excellent operating condition. Ready to work.

1990 DITCH-WITCH 100sx Cable-Plow priced at: $2500.00u.s.d.

Description:You are looking at a 100sx in good condition with Robin Gas powered engine, machine has new tires and wheels from ditch witch, the vib. plow shaker box is in working condition, it drives well and is ready to go. Call for details
Bucket Trencher :

2012 TESMEC TRS1175 Bucket-Wheel-Trencher priced at: $P.O.Ru.s.d.

Description:8 foot depth and 36 inch width cut

1994 TRENCOR 1080 Bucket-Wheel-Trencher priced at: $650,000u.s.d.

Description:Trencor 1080 Bucket Trencher has 40 inch buckets and is for sale at this exceptional price. This trencher is a quality used trencher and ready to be put to work.Call Today to get in on this wholesale price. For more info call(731)-467-0804
Soil Reclaimer : Terrain Leveler :

2006 VERMEER T955TL Terrain-Leveler priced at: $415,000u.s.d.

Description:2006 Vermeer T955 Terrain Leveler. This unit is in work ready condition. Please give us a call or email to inspect this unit. The vermeer 955 Terrain Leveler!

2004 VERMEER T1255 Terrain-Leveler priced at: $750,000u.s.d.

Description:2004 Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler. Unit has 3000 hours on the meter and approx. 1500-1800 actual digging time, drums and shaft were reworked in the last 200 hours, all risers that were bad were replaced. Unit has been very well taken care of and had one mechanic assigned to it since new. Great running unit ready for the next job
Rock Trencher :

2010 TESMEC 1085 Rock-Trencher priced at: $485,000u.s.d.

Description:Tesmec 1085 Rock Trencher is set up for 6 foot depth and 24 inch cut

2000 TESMEC TRS900-SLO Rock-Trencher priced at: $89,950u.s.d.

Description:2000 Tesmec TRS900 SLO 3400 hours Cab with heat and A/C 14 inch chain with carbide teeth 6 ft dig depth Cummins 260 HP Turbo Diesel Hydrostatic Transmission Creep Control Crumbing shoe Self leveling 20 inch spoil discharge conveyor Recent hydraulic pump repair Recent gear box rebuilds

1994 VERMEER T755 Rock-Trencher priced at: $149,000u.s.d.

Description:This Vermeer T755 Rock Trencher has cut plates for 12" 18" and 24"

1988 VERMEER T850 Rock-Trencher priced at: $79,500u.s.d.

Description:This Vermeer Rock Trencher has a 6ft and a 12ft boom with 2 chains and cuts 2 foot wide. Unit is fresh off the job and ready to goto work. It has been well maintained.

2011 TESMEC TRS975 Rock-Trencher priced at: $599,500u.s.d.

Description:8 foot depth and 26" cut

2005 TESMEC TRS900EXT Rock-Trencher priced at: $375,290u.s.d.

Description:8 foot depth and 24" wide cut

2008 DITCH-WITCH HT300 Rock-Trencher priced at: $Callu.s.d.

Description:This HT300 Rock Trencher was made by Tesmec for Ditch Witch it is the same as a Tesmec TR975.

2004 VERMEER T955 Rock-Trencher priced at: $249,500u.s.d.

Description:Vermeer T955 Rock Trencher comes with a 6 foot boom and 28 inch pads and powered by a cat c12 engine. This trencher is also available to rent for $39,000 a month.

1995 VERMEER T850 Rock-Trencher priced at: $79,500u.s.d.


2006 TRENCOR T1360 Rock-Trencher priced at: $P.O.R.u.s.d.

Description:unit is work ready. T1360 trencor rock trencher for sale. This Trencor 1360 rock trencher is equipped with 26 inch cut.

2007 TESMEC M5 Rock-Trencher priced at: $650,000u.s.d.

Description:This Tesmec M5 Rock Trencher is wholesale priced and will not last long. 36 inch cut width and 8 foot boom section. This is a well maintaned machine and priced to sell. Call Today (731)-467-0804

2007 TRENCOR T1060 Rock-Trencher priced at: $485,000u.s.d.

Description:Well maintained Trencor 1060

2000 VERMEER T1055 Rock-Trencher priced at: $$225,000u.s.d.

Description:Vermeer T1055 Trencher. Listed September 13, 2011. Won't last long. 16 inch and 24 inch cut plates included

1995 TRENCOR 660B Rock-Trencher priced at: $70,000u.s.d.

Description:Machine has been replaced in the fleet of machines and is a good running unit. Pictures were taken before we cleaned it up, machine cleans up nice. Fresh off job. Chain will need to be replaced soon.

2000 VERMEER T1055 Rock-Trencher priced at: $285,000u.s.d.

Description:12ft sectional boom, 26in side cut, cab with A/C, Top Con Grade control

1994 CAPITOL 900 Rock-Trencher priced at: $365,000u.s.d.

Description:500 HP Cat, spare parts and 3 Booms 12ft, 16Ft, 20Ft Cutting plates up to 60in wide

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