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Used Trencher For Sale:


Check Below to see All Used Trencher models we have available :

2000 DITCH-WITCH 410SX Trencher priced at: $8500u.s.d.

Description:This trencher plow combo has the roto attachment for boring. It is sold as in pics with no blade This machine has been in our shop for service and is ready for work, we can order the blade you need for your job for additional cost. The trencher and plow both work great and have no known issues. Call sales today for more details. We also have trailers for additional cost.

1999 VERMEER V3550A Trencher priced at: $10950u.s.d.

Description:height 85.2 length 149.5 weight 4350 width 57.5

1989 DEERE 550G Trencher priced at: $39500u.s.d.


1998 VERMEER V3550A Trencher priced at: $21500u.s.d.


1999 DITCH-WITCH 7010DD Trencher priced at: $9500u.s.d.

Description:Trencher only Good running working machine

2000 410SXD Trencher priced at: $8500u.s.d.

Description:Good running working machine

2008 VERMEER RTX1250 Trencher priced at: $72500u.s.d.

Description:Excellent condition. Serviced and job ready

1993 VERMEER V8550A Trencher priced at: $18500u.s.d.


1997 VERMEER V8550 Trencher priced at: $18500u.s.d.

Description:Trencher, plow combo with backhoe attachment
Trencher Plow Combos :
Sorry we do not have any listing at this current time please check back at a later date.

Rock Saw :

2002 DITCH-WITCH 3700 Rock-Saw priced at: $24500u.s.d.

Description:True low hour machine, with H341 Rock Saw Attachment and water tank This machine is in great condition and has been well taken care of. Contact Dallas at 731-267-3963 for more details.
Cable Plow :

1999 DITCH-WITCH HT150 Cable-Plow priced at: $69500u.s.d.

Description:RC 150 Reel Carrier H1530 plow attachment Good running working machine. Includes plow blade

1994 DELTA DT1150 Cable-Plow priced at: $39500u.s.d.

Description:Cummins engine. Machne has all the same working components of the Delta DT150 track plow. Good running, working machine

1994 DELTA DT150C Cable-Plow priced at: $62500u.s.d.

Description:150hp cat engine. Clean, painted serviced and ready to work. 46 blade.

0000 INTERNATIONAL TD15C Cable-Plow priced at: $15000u.s.d.

Description:Ateco Reel carrier, cable plow attachments. Runs and works

1996 DITCH-WITCH HT100 Cable-Plow priced at: $39500u.s.d.

Description:The unit is kile new used very little the hours are original comes with one 42in or 36in fiber blade the unit will come with just 1 blade of your pick of a 42in or 36in blade

1987 DRESSER TD15E Cable-Plow priced at: $37500u.s.d.

Description:New steering clutches. Good running machine
Bucket Trencher :

1994 TRENCOR 1080 Bucket-Wheel-Trencher priced at: $435000u.s.d.

Description:40in buckets
Soil Reclaimer :
Sorry we do not have any listing at this current time please check back at a later date.

Terrain Leveler :
Sorry we do not have any listing at this current time please check back at a later date.

Rock Trencher :

2000 VERMEER T955 Rock-Trencher priced at: $249500u.s.d.

Description:30in chain, 10ft boom, water tank, Elevated cab, Double chain, CAT engine

1979 VERMEER T600D Rock-Trencher priced at: $24500u.s.d.

Description:12in cut, 8ft boom

1995 TESMEC TRS1000 Rock-Trencher priced at: $105500u.s.d.

Description:24in wide and boom 8ft

2008 TESMEC TRS975 Rock-Trencher priced at: $399500u.s.d.

Description:The unit is a good running unit with a 6ft boom and 16in wide chain

1997 TESMEC TRS900 SL Rock-Trencher priced at: $49500u.s.d.

Description:The cut is 12in wide and 6ft deep, Engine CAT 3304

2006 TRENCOR T1060 Rock-Trencher priced at: $445000u.s.d.

Description:6ft boom and 2ft extension to got to 6ft or 8ft deep Cut , the cut is 24in wide

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